Sonographer in Houston vs. Dallas

 A sonographer is a diagnostic medical professional who operates ultrasonic imaging devices to produce diagnostic images. They perform diagnostic procedures and analyze technical information based on a physicians order. The principle job duty of a ultrasonographer is to perform accurate ultrasound tests of a particular area of the body such as, the abdomen, breasts and neurological system. The average salary for a typical sonographer in the United States is $73,360 a year, you can go here for more information. Potential technicians should earn a Certificate, Associates Degree or Bachelors Degree at an accredited university. Becoming an ultrasonographer can be a rewarding career if preparation and skills are obtained through an educational and scholarly school.



 Houston Community College offers an accredited 16 month medical ultrasonography program. Students will gain hands on experience in clinical educational settings. The annual tuition for full-time students and in-state residents is $3,786. The median wage for a Houston sonographer is about $71,000. However, graduates may receive an entry- level salary between $47,000 and $54,000 annually. Individuals who desire to relocate to Houston, Texas can experience affordable housing options, museums, art exhibits, theatre and employment opportunities. Whether their attending college or just want a new scenery, Houston is a diverse city offering a low cost of living, which helps people experience a higher quality of life.



 El Centro College in TX has a medical sonography program. They are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs (CAAHP) and their tuition is $156 per three-hour class or just $624 for a full semester load of 12 credit hours. The average pay for a medical ultrasonographer in Dallas is about $73,000. Individuals who want to move to Dallas would enjoy several benefits that Texas has to offer including many restaurants with great food, reasonable housing prices and nice weather.

Sonography Career and Jobs Outlook

 Sonography specialists have the opportunity to get a first glimpse of a developing baby in the womb, determine the risk of a heart attack, diagnose breast cancer an other abnormalities. They have the ability to work with physicians and doctors in treating patients and is an essential asset to the medical field. Potential sonographers who are passionate and love to help others will thrive and benefit greatly from this career. With the right technique and training, individuals that proceed in sonography can definitely become successful.

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